Heliopotasse's fertilisers

Heliopotasse offers a wide range of fertilisers. These raw materials are used in the production of complex NPK’s.

Potassium fertilisers :
  • Muriate of potash: industrial grade, powder, granular, all APC’s range of products in Europe (see producer’s website)
  • Potassium Sulphate: powder, granular
Nitrogen fertilisers
  • Granular and prilled urea
Phosphate fertilisers
  • Rock phosphate
  • SSP
  • TSP
  • DAP
  • MAP
Complex NPK fertilisers

Products are delivered by vessel, containers or by trucks. We can organise deliveries from the production plant to any of our customer’s destination bases.

Heliopotasse Italy: distribution at its best
Our subsidiary located in Milan is working with bulk-blending and conditioning facilities in Ravenna. Heliopotasse is thus a major fertiliser distributor in Italy.