Heliopotasse offers a range of foliar bio-activators rich in micronutrients:

  • Majors: Helio GREEN N, Helio GREEN P, Helio GREEN K, Helio GREEN CM, Helio GREEN S
  • Minors: Helio TRACE BM, Helio TRACE Cu, Helio TRACE Fe, Helio TRACE MZ, Helio TRACE MX
  • Bio regulators: Helio BOOST, Helio STIM, Helio FIT

During its develolpment cycle, each field crop goes through a stress period due to random climate changes. Such period is caracterised by a nutrient deficiency of the plant. The soil temporarily does not cover the plant's requirements, compromising the plant's development, often at a stage when its growth should be at the highest level. 

Heliopotasse bio-activators are rich in micronutrients. Specially developed for foliar applications, they enable the farmer to get rid of this stress. The crop will then fully grow to its maximum yield and its quality will be preserved. 

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